IMHX Heats: 13th-16th September 2016 | Grand Final, Conference and Awards Dinner: Early 2017
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Why Enter the Competition

Celebrate operator skill and gain valuable safety insights for your business


Enter your forklift drivers in RTITB’s International Operator of the Year competition and you’ll gain an instant insight into their performance and knowledge, allowing you to identify risks to safety and efficiency in your business and target forklift driver training to gain improvement where it’s needed most.

The forklift driver competition recognises and celebrates the hard work, talent and safe practice of the world’s best counterbalance operators and encourages them to reach their full potential.

For each operator who enters the online test an analysis of their performance is produced, including areas of strength and weakness, as well as a benchmark report to show how they performed against other operators both in the UK and worldwide when entries close – a truly unique benchmark.

These complimentary reports are not only designed to help you see where improvements can be made to training programs but also to help reduce risk by identifying areas where immediate attention is required. The feedback helps pinpoint particular issues, which better addresses safety, and helps save money on potentially costly ‘blanket’ training which may not be specific enough to action the training need.

And of course, operators stand a chance of progressing in our biggest competition to date – a chance to be recognised and celebrated on an international stage.
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