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Industrial facilities have become highly sophisticated in automation and futuristic in appearance, however many are let down by old-fashioned damage prevention such as steel bollards, rails and angle iron painted yellow. These structures require constant maintenance, otherwise the look of the facility can be degraded – and in the event of a collision – become a safety hazard. McCue has developed solutions that combine the strength of iron with the flexibility of polymers, maximizing strength and resiliency while, minimizing the space and maintenance needed to operate facilities.

Our Vision

McCue understand the cost and frustration of damage in these material handling operations – and we have done something radically different to solve the problem. We have gone right back to the drawing board, to re-engineer and reinvent creating a complete range of bollards, column and rack protectors, barriers and other damage prevention products for the 21st century. It means looking at every asset from every angle – including your people, equipment and goods, as well as your facility – and then creating solutions to protect it. We call our approach Total Asset Protection.

Thoughtful Design

McCue’s product range integrates polymers with heavy-duty castings made out of ductile iron. This creates the ability to resist, deflect, and absorb impacts. As well as being highly effective, these devices look good, require no maintenance, occupy a smaller footprint, present no exposed fixings and allow quick and easy installation and replacement. The products work together to cover all needs: protecting perimeters, columns, racking, doorways, equipment and, most importantly, people. As proof of the line’s innovativeness, four of the products have been awarded utility patents; four more applications are currently in progress.


Each of the new products is simple at first glance but each benefits from cutting-edge engineering and design, combining the industrial strength of cast iron with the resilience of engineered polymers. With in-house engineering, estimating and project management teams, McCue offer a full turnkey package of products and services, enabling you to protect both the external, internal and staff areas of your facility.


Most managers of industrial facilities will have suffered the frustration and expense of accident downtime, bent bollards, broken rails, damaged concrete floors and the rush to repaint for an unexpected tour, all of which can now be avoided with McCue’s new line of asset protection products. The results of our efforts has yielded innovative, thoroughly tested products that protect your property, equipment and people.

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