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Dolav excellence

Genuine Dolavs last for decades. Dolavs are plastic pallet boxes. Made in HDPE to be strong, durable, hygienic and abuse resistant, their really long service life, makes an investment in Dolavs exceptionally good value. Car-battery recycler, Recobat, said, “Dolavs last three times longer than others and their moulded-in runners don’t come off. Others do!”

So good, the brand name became generic
Developed by Dolav 40 years ago, Dolavs were over engineered when compared with standard plastic pallets boxes so they can last for decades. The name ‘dolav’ is now very widely used as a generic description for other pallet boxes made in wood, steel or plastic but only those made in HDPE structural foam by Dolav are genuine Dolavs.

Increased payload
Hugely successful in the UK, Europe and other global markets, the Dolav company and its latest product, the 1000 x1200 Ace, are widely used throughout the food processing, manufacturing, recycling and waste handling sectors. New Ace applications include use in high-speed cold chains where single, solid-wall Dolavs offer some 7-10% more payload by being lighter than the old-fashioned, heavy and now, often unnecessary, insulated boxes. Each 740mm high box holds 605 litres and up to 900kg to maximum bottom box stack load of 5000kg. Many users stack up to 14-15 empty boxes high, safely secured by the patented Dolav stacking system.

Food hygiene
There are ever-growing demands for greater cleanliness, hygiene and zero contamination in food production, processing, storage and distribution. The Dolav Ace is manufactured to meet this demand. Made in virgin, food- grade HDPE and confirmed by Campden BRI as having “hygienic design”, the Dolav Ace is in use in almost every type of food production and processing, by-product and waste handling and recycling.

Recycling gets rough
Recycling and waste handling containers have a very rough life. Abuse is abundant. So much so, that Dolav sent its Dolav Ace and the other main competitive plastic pallet boxes to TÜV SÜD for independent testing with measured abuse. And tested they were! Dropped and crushed empty and rotated and spiked when loaded with half-a-tonne of lead-acid batteries, in each test, the Dolav Ace out performed all others.

Pooling and hire
Many pallet box pooling and hire companies select the Dolav Ace for its strength and ROI. As designed, it has proven not to be brittle in cold stores. Dolav plastic pallet boxes are designed to operate from -40 to 60 deg C. Another ‘acid test’ is that in many lead-acid automotive battery recycling businesses, the Dolav Ace is known as the ‘Battery Ace’. An accolade like that has to be earnt. The Dolav Ace has earnt it.

Eco friendly, UV stabilised and recyclable
Now made with ten percent solar-power produced electricity, Dolav pallet boxes have always been recyclable. End of life boxes are ground down to pea-sized pellets and returned to the Dolav factory to be made in to wheelie bins. The recycled plastic is then set for decades of use in domestic waste recycling.

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August 19, 2016